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Lot in Wood: Poker of Tempranillos and Oils 5 Varieties

The lot you were all asking us for!


Surprise with this natural wood case composed of our Poker de Tempranillos wine , our coupage made with 4 tempranillo clones  and our Extra Virgin Olive Oil  1758 Coupage 5 Varieties , possibly the only extra virgin olive oil made with 5 varieties of olive


In addition, it contains a unique and special memory of  the farm, a bag with volcanic stones from our volcano, declared a Natural Monument in 1999.

Lot in Wood: Poker of Tempranillos and Oils 5 Varieties

50,45 €Price
  • The most important notes of this great wine can be highlighted as:

    • Appearance: Very intense red-garnet color. Almost opaque.
    • Aroma: Powerful nose with a mixture of aromas of ripe red fruits, with a contribution of caramel sensations and very good quality toasted wood.
    • Taste: It is complete and rich in nuances provided by the different clones. Powerful and tasty mouthfeel, great body and volume.
  • Starting from selected olives, the EVOO of this  SPECIAL COUPAGE  of the varieties  Alfafara, Arbequina, Arroniz, Changlot Real, and Picual . Subsequently, they are mixed according to the oleologist's criteria.

    The result is a  Intense, aromatic, fruity and balanced EVOO  with a mild and spicy aftertaste where polyphenols are present in exceptional quantities.


    Athena International Olive Oil Competition

    • 1758 Coupage 5 Varieties, Silver Medal 2020

    World Olive Oil NYIOOC Competition

    • 1758 Coupage 5 Varieties,   Silver Medal 2019


    • 1758 Coupage 5 Varieties,  Flosolei 2020

    Olive Japan International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

    • 1758 Coupage 5 Varieties,  Silver 2019

    Terraolivo Mediterranean International Olive Oil Competition Israel

    TOP100 of EVOOLEUM Awards 2021. Guide 2022

    • 1758 Coupage 5 Varieties, 89 Points

    EVOO International Olive Oil Contest IOOC 2021

    • 1758 Coupage 5 Strains, Silver Medal 2021 EVO IOOC


    • 1758 Coupage 5 Varieties, Great Gold 2021 Virtus

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