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Olive Oils



Our Olive Oils

Encomienda de Cervera

As is well known, Spain is the world's largest producer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with its more than 200 cultivated varieties. In turn, it is in Spain where THE BEST Extra Virgin Olive Oil IN THE WORLD is produced , as has been verified in all national and international olive oil competitions.


Encomienda de Cervera aims to produce an exceptional GOURMET oil, of the best quality and both organoleptic and nutritional properties.


The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recognizes a declaration of healthy properties for virgin and extra virgin olive oil that contains at least 250 mg / kg of polyphenols (hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives) that produce beneficial physiological effects and from our farm we work so that all our EVOOs exceed these amounts in polyphenols.


All this, together with a professional R + D + i department, allows us to produce some of the highest category VOLCANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oils , UNIQUE in the world .



1758 Coupage 5 Variedades _edited.png

Ecological olive grove

Encomienda de Cervera


Over the years to the traditional three-foot plantation of the Cornicabra variety . More than 200 years old, up to 9 more varieties have been added: Alfafara , Arbequina , Arróniz , Changlot Real , Coratina , Cornicabra , Frantoio , Pajarera   and Picual.


These 10 varieties currently form our Organic Olive Grove.

EFSA recognizes the healthy importance of polyphenols

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Our Oil Mill

Encomienda De Cervera

The ALMAZARA, originally from the s. XVIII has been adapted to the new LATEST GENERATION cold extraction technologies and exclusively by mechanical means that allow the best Extra Virgin oil to be extracted from each variety.


On the other hand, since the ALMAZARA is located on the property , next to the olive grove, we achieve that the transport process from the collection to the processing of the olive is carried out in a few minutes , guaranteeing the production of an oil with all its nutritional and organoleptic qualities intact. .


The Property has managed to preserve an old Oil Mill with Press from 1941 , restored, where we can see how oil was made 100 years ago.



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