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Our wines

The wines signed by Encomienda De Cervera have unique characteristics, based on the peculiarity of the volcanic soil in which its vineyards are grown, the microclimate with cool nights generated by its three rain basins , which balance the acidity in the ripening season, and the altitude of its valleys and mountains (750-850 meters).



The harvest, which usually begins its season every September, is carried out selectively and in hours of lower temperature. The production of our wines is carried out in a meticulous and selective way, giving rise to wines with excellent aging qualities.


The varieties of the plantation allow our technical team to obtain extraordinary varietal and assembly wines.

Vino Volcanico y Ecologico Blanco .jpg
Fondo Encomienda de Cervera
"A wine is the healthiest and most hygienic of drinks" "
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ORGANIC vineyard

There is evidence that, in 1741, the estate had a hawthorn (vineyard) with 23,000 strains (vines).


In addition, the old Tempranillo Cencibel vineyard has been expanded to 60 Ha., With the planting of other Tempranillo clones certified by the DO, Rioja (RJ-51), Ribera del Duero (CL-79) and Toro (CL306).


Over the years, new red grape varieties have been selected to produce new and excellent wines: Cabernet Sauvignon , Graciano, Petit Verdot and SyrahThe white grape varieties have been joined by Airén, Albariño, Gewürztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc and Verdejo .


Our aim is to produce unique and magical wines ✨.

Panorámica Encomienda de Cervera
 un paraje singular volcánico donde los sueños se hacen vino

The Winery

The Concrete tanks room, which dates from 1927 , has been restored keeping the cement jars where our wines undergo Malolactic fermentation. This produces a very positive effect on them and gives it a very special creaminess.


In addition, we have expanded the old cellar with Ganimede technology , which allows alcoholic fermentation and high-quality controlled maceration,


The Oak Barrel Room located below ground level has also been restored and conditioned to achieve high quality aging and reserves in the best conditions.

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