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Extra Virgin Olive Oil ‘Vulcanus Arbequina’ and ‘1758 Family Reserve’ awarded in Japan

The EVOO ‘Vulcanus Arbequina’ from Encomienda De Cervera is awarded as ‘Best of its class’ Monovarietal in the prestigious Japan Olive Oil Prize (JOOP) 2021, and

The EVOO Coupage ‘1758 Family Reserve’ receives Gold Award.


This May, the Japan Olive Oil Prize -JOOP 2021- awards ceremony took place in Tokyo, an international competition that aims to promote extra virgin olive oils of all origins in Japan. In this way, the best olive oils chosen from the nearly 500 participants from 20 different countries have already been revealed.

Amid so much competition, Encomienda De Cervera has won two important awards: The Vulcanus Arbequina EVOO, a monovarietal from Encomienda De Cervera that has obtained one of the highest scores in the competition, has been recognized for the Best of its class; and Gold Award AOVE 1758 Family Reserve, our Coupage made from the best early harvest olives of the Picual and Arbequina varieties.

JOOP has a jury of 9 certified international jurors, supervised by 3 panel leaders: Konstantinos Liris (Greece), Miciyo Yamada (Japan), Antonio G. Lauro (Italy). In the ceremony, which was held in digital format, thus adapting to the times of Covid-19, the members of the jury participated, all of them of recognized international prestige, announcing the winners in the different countries.

The winners in this contest have been selected based on blind tasting procedures and in full compliance with EU regulations.

Vulcanus Arbequina

This oil is a monovarietal of the Arbequina variety of the highest quality from cold extraction, and only by mechanical procedures. It has been obtained from olives harvested at their optimum point of ripeness at the end of the season while still maintaining their maximum organoleptic qualities, to obtain a softer oil, but with very accentuated fruity notes and a very light bitter and spicy.

Ideas for pairing

It pairs wonderfully with Fish, Seafood, poultry and combines very well with grilled vegetables, salads and cold dishes.

Our Vulcanus 100% Arbequina is admired for its organoleptic characteristics, having aromas, a fragrance reminiscent of a freshly cut grass blade.

It is a great oil for the traditional Mediterranean breakfast with toast.

In addition to this great recognition, this Coupage has received more international and national recognitions:


Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

  • VULCANUS Arbequina, Gold Medal 2017

Concurso Ibérico de Aove Premios Mezquita de Cordoba

  • VULCANUS Arbequina, Oro 2017

L'Oro del Mediterraneo

  • VULVANUS Arbequina, Medirerranean Gold

Olive Japan

  • VULVANUS Arbequina, Silvel Medal

1758 Reserva FAMILIAR

It is an intense, aromatic, fruity and balanced EVOO with a mild and spicy aftertaste where polyphenols mark its identity.

Ideas for pairing

Our 1758 Family Reserve is a blend of the best plots of our Finca Encomienda de Cervera Origin of Volcanic Lands (Arbequina and Picual) made with the application of cutting-edge technologies and mixing artisanal.

It combines very well with roast peppers, Iberian sausages, aged cheeses, and red meat stews such as an Iberian pork cheek.

Our 1758 Family Reserve an oil where polyphenols mark its identity.

In addition to this great recognition, this Coupage has received more international recognitions:


L'Oro del Mediterraneo Premio Internazionale

  • 1758 Reserva FAMILIAR, Mediterranean Gold Mención de Calidad

Olive Japan International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

  • 1758 Reserva FAMILIAR, Silver Medal 2020

  • 1758 Reserva FAMILIAR, Gold


  • 1758 Reserva FAMILIAR, Silver Medal Award 2020

Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

  • 1758 Reserva FAMILIAR, Silver Medal 2020


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