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The Ambassador of Taiwan in Spain knows the Cervera Encomienda Wines

Last Friday Ciudad Real hosted the first business meeting attended by Encomienda De Cervera and in which the Ambassador of Taiwan in Spain, José María Liu, also participated, who had the opportunity to see our products first-hand.


Rotary Club of Ciudad Real hosted at its headquarters the first business meeting dedicated to strengthening ties with Taiwan and which was attended by its ambassador in Spain, José María Liu, who has made known the opportunities that his country offers to Spanish companies.

There are "great opportunities" for companies in Taiwan, according to Ambassador Liu "thanks to the new economic model that includes an improvement in Social Security and the maintenance of development and distribution, with the primary objectives of the Government of Taiwan being innovation, employment and wealth distribution ”.

Relations between the Asian country and Spain have also been analyzed. “There are many Spanish companies that invest in Taiwan and vice versa. The Spanish products that are most exported to Taiwan are medicines, cars, pork, wine, olive oil and new rubber tires, among others ”, highlighted Liu.

In this way and during the course of the day, the representative of Encomienda De Cervera, Oscar Carrasco, had the opportunity to personally meet the Ambassador of Taiwan through the president of the Health and Consumer Commission of the Congress of Deputies and a deputy from Ciudad Real, Rosa Romero, introducing him to our Wines that were also served to all attendees at the end of the event.


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