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The EVOO '1758 Coupage 5 Varieties, among the 100 best in the World in the VI edition of EVOOLEUM

The 100 best EVOOs in the world have already been announced in the prestigious annual EVOOLEUM Awards, (the international awards for the quality of extra virgin olive oil), among which is our '1758 Coupage 5 Varieties' .


For Encomienda De Cervera, and all the team that make it up, it is a pride to be producers of one of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the world. This has been determined by the 26 EVOOLEUM Awards tasters in its VI edition who have broadcast it in an exclusive online event on Mercacei's YouTube channel.

In this way, the bet of our oil mill in this contest, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil '1758 Coupage 5 Variedades', has achieved 89 prestigious points, thus entering the exclusive world selection of the best 100 EVOO in the World for the 2020 campaign / 2021. This classification includes 68 extra Spanish virgins and 32 from the rest of the world, with up to 10 producing countries represented.

EVOOLEUM Awards is currently considered the most influential and rigorous International Competition for the Quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the world. According to José Mª Penco, responsible for the technical direction of the contest, in a recent article on, EVOOLEUM is "a contest that was born to recognize and bet on the quality of EVOO producers around the world ... a Guide born in the world's leading production country to be an international reference, and we have managed to be the most influential, rigorous and strict of the entire international scene "

Our EVOO '1758 Coupage 5 Varieties' is the latest reference to join the catalog of Virgin Olive Oils from our Estate. It is a very special Coupage, obtained from the COLD extraction directly from the best selected olives and ONLY through MECHANICAL procedures, within 24 hours of harvesting.

Starting from selected olives, the EVOOs of this SPECIAL COUPAGE of the Alfafara, Arbequina, Arroniz, Changlot Real, and Picual varieties are made separately. Later they are mixed according to the oleologist's criteria. The result is an intense, aromatic, fruity and balanced EVOO with a mild and spicy aftertaste where polyphenols are present in exceptional quantities.

In addition to this great recognition, this Coupage has received more traditional recognition in the last year:

Athena International Olive Oil Competition

  • 1758 Coupage 5 Variedades, Silver Medal 2020

World Olive Oil NYIOOC Competition

  • 1758 Coupage 5 Variedades, Silver Medal


  • 1758 Coupage 5 Variedades, Flosolei 2020

Olive Japan International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

  • 1758 Coupage 5 Variedades, Silver

Terraolivo Mediterranean International Olive Oil Competition Israel

Without a doubt, it is a special EVOO, a safe bet for the consumer with a very high level of quality and flavor.


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