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Ecological EVOO and Family Reserve triumph in Terraolivo

Two of our oils are awarded with distinguished Gold medals in the international contest of Extra Virgin Olive Oils Terraolivo in Jesusalem.

Our mill has achieved, one more year, the recognition of the quality and good work of our Volcanic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the last edition of the international contest of Extra Virgin Olive Oils Terraolivo 2021. Where our Gold is the Maar de Cervera ECOLOGICAL and EVOO, 1758 Reserva Familiar have received the medals in the Gold and Prestige Gold categories respectively

Terraolivo It is the most important extra virgin olive oil competition in the eastern Mediterranean area and Asia, both for the number of samples received and for the number of participating countries that increases each year. The tasting of the extra virgin olive oils received is carried out by an international jury made up of the best tasters in the world.

If you want to try our winning oils in Israel you can find them on our website or by clicking here:

Made from the Picual variety. Balanced EVOO with notes of green fruit and herbs, tomato, artichoke and green almond.

This oil is ECOLOGICAL filtered of the highest quality from cold extraction, and only by mechanical procedures. It has been obtained from olives harvested at their optimum point of ripeness at the end of the season while still maintaining their maximum organoleptic qualities, to obtain a softer oil, but with very accentuated fruity notes and a very light bitter and spicy.

Because light is one of the most damaging agents for the preservation of the quality of extra virgin olive oil, ENCOMIENDA DE CERVERA uses packaging that protects it from such radiation.

Extra virgin olive oil with intense fruity. Green color with yellow tones, of great finesse and good structure. Aromas of herbs, fruits and leaves.

Ideas for pairing

Oro Maar de Cervera is produced through Ecological Agriculture that is scrupulously respectful of the Environment, we optimally use the natural resources of our Finca Encomienda de Cervera in the absence of synthetic chemical products, using natural fertilizers. Always looking for the highest quality, the result is an Organic EVOO, an intense olive oil, with a green almond fragrance and strong hints of grass, tomato and apple.

- It pairs wonderfully with cold Soups such as SALMOREJO, GAZPACHOS, With White Fish such as Cod al Pil Pil.

Starting from the best early harvest olives, the EVOOs from this FAMILY RESERVE are produced separately from the Picual and Arbequina varieties.

Later they are mixed according to the criteria of the oleologist.

The result is an intense, aromatic, fruity and balanced EVOO with an aftertaste with a mild and spicy flavor where polyphenols mark its identity.


L'Oro del Mediterraneo Internazionale Award

1758 Reserva FAMILIAR, Mediterranean Gold Quality Mention

Olive Japan International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

1758 FAMILY Reserve, Silver Medal 2021

1758 FAMILY Reserve, Gold 2020


1758 FAMILY Reserve, Silver Medal Award 2020

Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

1758 Reserva FAMILIAR, Silver Medal 2020

JOOP - Japan Olive Oil Prize 2021 ジ ャ パ ン オ リ ー ブ オ イ ル プ ラ イ ズ

1758 Reserva FAMILIAR, GOLD - Blend

Terraolivo Jesuralem - Israel 2021

1758 FAMILY Reserve, Prestige Gold

Ideas for pairing

Our 1758 Family Reserve is a blend of the best plots of our Finca Encomienda de Cervera Origin of Volcanic Lands (Arbequina and Picual) made with the application of cutting-edge technologies and mixing artisanal.

It combines very well with roast peppers, Iberian sausages, aged cheeses, and red meat stews such as an Iberian pork cheek.

Our 1758 Family Reserve an oil where polyphenols mark its identity.


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