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Extra Virgin Olive Oil of VOLCANIC Origin


Varieties: Arbequina 100%

Available format: 500 ml and 250 ml.


Made from the 100% Arbequina variety, from the olive groves in ENCOMIENDA DE CERVERA, whose special soil and microclimate provide specific organoleptic qualities.


This oil is an UN FILTERED monovarietal of the highest quality from cold pressure, and only by mechanical procedures. It has been obtained from olives picked at their optimum point of ripeness at the end of the season while still maintaining their maximum organoleptic qualities, to obtain a softer and sweeter oil, but with very accentuated fruity notes and a very light bitter and spicy.


Because light is one of the most damaging agents for the preservation of the quality of extra virgin olive oil, ENCOMIENDA DE CERVERA uses packaging that protects it from such radiation.


Extra virgin olive oil with intense fruity. Green color with yellow tones, of great finesse and good structure. Aromas of herbs, fruits and leaves.


  • Cold obtained directly from the best selected olives and ONLY through MECHANICAL Procedures, within 24 hours after harvest.